How Nebraska Voted in 2016

Below is a visualization of how Nebraskans voted in the 2016 presidential election. Here are a few key points:

  • The data is based on how many more votes were counted for Trump versus Clinton, the two front-runners
    • Red and yellow areas are ones where significantly more votes were Republican
    • Green areas are where a few thousand more people in that county voted Republican
    • Blue areas were much closer — ones where Trump prevailed by less than 1,000 votes
    • Dark blue and purple areas were very, very close
    • Two counties appear gray — these are ones in which Clinton received a higher number of votes
  • Clinton won by a relatively small margin in Nebraska’s two largest counties, Douglas and Lancaster, where Omaha and Lincoln reside, respectively
  • Trump won by a rather large margin in the counties immediately surrounding Douglas and Lancaster, especially Sarpy in which he prevailed by over 15,000 votes (that’s roughly three times more than the number of votes Clinton won by in Douglas and Lancaster combined)
  • Smaller and more Western counties typically votes strongly Republican

data: NYT Election Results
county names map:
state election results:

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