Digital Marketing in R: How to Create Word Clouds

I recently recorded my very first (much too lengthy) YouTube video. The video walks through taking a list of keywords and creating a word cloud in R.

While I do not find word clouds to be particularly useful, there are a number of terrific data science applications that you come across during this exercise that are worth knowing — like removing stop words and stemming.

How Even Were Whistles in the 2017 NBA Playoffs?

Washington Wizards232
Indiana Pacers232
Oklahoma City Thunder221
Memphis Grizzlies221
Golden State Warriors221
Portland Trail Blazers221
Atlanta Hawks210
Milwaukee Bucks210
Utah Jazz210
Houston Rockets210
Toronto Raptors210
Boston Celtics210
Los Angeles Clippers20-1
Cleveland Cavalier19-2
San Antonio Spurs19-2
Chicago Bulls18-3

3 Data/Analytics Podcast Recommendations

Here is a brief list of podcasts I would recommend that pertain to either digital marketing or data science. Enjoy!

The Digital Analytics Power Hour

Hosted by Tim Wilson and Michael Helbling, this podcast focuses on a number of digital analytics topics including anything from R to what the future digital marketing analyst will look like from a skills perspective.

The Data Skeptic

I just started listening to this one and I love it. Many of the episodes are very short (about 15 minutes), so it’s very digestible. There’s a wide range of very relevant topics from a refresher on p-values and t-tests to neuroscience. I really like how they episodes only last as long as they need to be and how they break down seemingly complex topics into something everyone can grasp.


This one is less about understanding data/analytics and more about findings the team over at 538 has made. If you’re reading this, you most likely are already familiar with the 538 blog, where topics are generally focused on politics and sports.

Any good recommendations out there I missed? Let me know in the comments. Thanks!